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Prevailing in the EME

The continued expansion of Electronic Warfare is the focus of the series. Delivering international thought leading presentations together with opportunities for physical LIVE demonstrations to international EW communities. Inspiring EW excellence and best practice.


EWLive is a biennial event held in Tartu, Estonia. Over the past several years the event has evolved with the discipline and industry that serves it.

More than just a conference or trade show, EWLive, presented by Tangent Link in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Defence, and the Estonian Defence Forces is delighted to invite you to EWLive: Prevailing in the EME.


2024 will be the 5th addition of EWLive, which has expanded to encompass key elements of the EME (Electro-Magnetic Environment). This has become a 'must attend' event for Defence and Security industry stakeholders to gain knowledge through a live demonstration setting.    


EWLive is an excellent opportunity for companies to demonstrate and deliver a visual reference to enhance the quality of their technology presentation. The live approach gives military end users from over 30 nations a hands on experience, not a simple sales pitch at a trade show, to help them understand the technology available and how it can address their capability requirements.



EWLive demonstrations take place at a secure facility, Ülenurme Airport, Tartu, Estonia. NATO and NATO friendly countries who have significant future requirements to improve their EW/EME/CEMA capability, will be invited to attend these demonstrations. Each military delegation will be matched according to subject matter expertise, with a commercial demonstration to ensure the maximum learning outcomes are achieved during each live session.




Register early to attend globally unique event. Spaces are limited and booking for Demonstrations and Classrooms is essential.



Let us help you find the perfect way to showcase your offering, from traditional exhibition spaces to custom outdoor demonstration spaces and classrooms perfectly equipped with the right equipment and filled with the right people.



Highlight your support for EW practitioners and cement your position in industry through one of our sponsorship options.

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