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Empowering Industries through Strategic Consulting, Innovative Project Management, and Transformative Event Planning for Over 20 Years.


With more than 20 years of hands-on experience in strategic consulting, project management, and event planning, our firm serves a diversified range of sectors including Defence, Aerial Firefighting, Aerial Search and Rescue, among other related industries.

Our strength lies in harmonising collaboration among essential stakeholders, technical experts, thought leaders, and end-users. We convert breakthrough ideas into tangible reality within industries operating on the cutting-edge of human achievement and technological advancement.

Our success is rooted in our unwavering dedication to maintaining professional integrity and an insatiable drive to partner with clients. We specialise in unveiling industry-transforming insights and answers that will fundamentally shift the landscape of the sectors we serve.


We thrive in industries where the boundaries of human potential and technological innovation are continuously tested, where the risks are monumental, but the resulting benefits could redefine our world.

We've applied our unique approach across numerous industries, addressing complex issues that necessitate the collaboration of top-tier minds, the latest technology, and experienced practitioners to achieve positive outcomes.

Our clientele comprises government institutions, industry leaders, innovators, end-users, and the communities they serve.

If you're looking for strategic consulting, project management, or bespoke event planning services that could reshape your industry, we invite you to start a confidential discussion about how we can help achieve your goals.


Directly reach out to one of our experienced TEAM or request a call by emailing




The show was very much of value to us and I'm massively grateful of how dedicated you were to getting us the engagement we needed. You will be seeing us again.

L3 Harris

"There is a wide cross section of customers we are meeting from those at the very start of their journey in the EW space through to the very experienced. Being able to understand their requirements and tailor our roadmap to their future requirements is critical which this event allows us to do in a relaxed atmosphere. "


“We have met with very useful users and great feedback. The global attendance has been fantastic. Worth the money spent and the contacts made/enquires received make it well worth doing in the future.”
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