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Columbia Helicopters Acquisition by Bristow Group Called Off

A Columbia Helicopter BV234 flying, carrying a water load
Columbia Helicopter BV234

Bristow Group has announced they have mutually agreed with Columbia Helicopters to terminate Bristow’s agreement to acquire Columbia. In connection with the termination, Bristow has paid $20 million to Columbia. Bristow, Columbia and Columbia’s shareholders have agreed to release each other from all claims in connection with the purchase agreement and the related transactions.

Since the announcement on 9th November of this potential transaction, Bristow stock has plummeted over 62% from $7.72 to $2.90 per share, and the expectation at the recent Helicopter Investor conference in London was that this acquisition would not go ahead. Houston-based Bristow have now confirmed that conjecture.

Bristow Chairman Thomas C. Knudson stated, “The decision to enter into a mutual termination of the purchase agreement was based on a number of developments following the entry into the agreement, which led both Bristow and Columbia to conclude that it was not possible to combine the two companies at this time. We continue to value our relationship with Columbia and look forward to having the opportunity to work together in the future.”

Steve Bandy, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Columbia, stated, “We continue to believe in the potential for collaboration between Bristow and Columbia, and the companies are actively considering mutually beneficial opportunities to work together.”

Jeremy Parkin


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