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SEI Enhances Bambi Bucket Valve

An image of Bambi Max Enhanced Valve dropping water. mid-air.
Bambi Max Enhanced Valve

SEI Industries is best know for its invention of the world-famous BAMBI Bucket that now services 95% of the world’s aerial firefighting water bucket market. As the aerial firefighting product line evolves, SEI engineers continue to make improvements to the existing products based on feedback from customers in the field.

The BAMBI MAX enhanced valve now includes added motor protection that maintains valve control during stall conditions, as well as a stronger 1/8” cable, which is 4 times stronger than the previous design. The enhancements also include an improved chemical resistant bottom seal.

“We understand that operators need reliable products when it comes to their operational equipment and we are committed to continuously improve our designs based on the valuable feedback we receive from customers,” commented Sergio Fukamati, director of the aerial firefighting division.

The BAMBI Max was first introduced in 2013 as the most efficient, lightweight, unlimited multi-drop bucket ever manufactured. With several hundred units in operation today, the BAMBI MAX has quickly become an industry standard.

For additional information on the BAMBI Bucket and accessories visit or stop by the SEI Industries Booth B7613 at Heli-Expo in Atlanta, March 5 -7, 2019.


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